Jimmi Journey promoting RAVESTRONG

With Spoololife, I’ve raised funds, resources, and awareness for such organizations as the United Way and Red Cross. No matter how much we achieve in these campaigns, I tend to wish I could give more.

With RAVESTRONG, we aimed to maximize the impact of our efforts to aid the American Cancer Society with an official ACS benefit in RAVE formation.

Moreover, RAVESTRONG is the first RAVE officially endorsed by the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”, to which our $1750.00 donation was received with wide eyes and warm hearts.

Sppololife presents donation to ACS
Jimmi Journey and the Spoololife crew present our donation to Michelle Gossett : Great Lakes Division American Cancer Society representative.

FIND MORE RAVESTRONG 411 at facebook.com/ravestrong or SPOOLOLIFE.com