Movement Music Festival

Jimmi Journey on the main stage sponsored by Vitamin Water at Paxahau’s Movement Music Festival.

The view from the mainstage of MOVEMENT Music Festival is always breathtaking, but deeper yet is the fact that the event is one of the world’s few large scale “underground” electronic dance music events.

While the festival features a small handfull of mainstream performances, it harbors a robust roster of globally acclaimed underground DJs who’ve stratified the underground, often pioneers in EDM with decades of devotion to their craft.

Germinating in the nostalgia of the historic Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), MOVEMENT preserves a distinct flavor of EDM culture forged by the Motor City grit that enlivens Detroit with vibrance and renewal each spring in Hart Plaza.

While Movement Music Festival promotes education in music technology, green initiatives in groundskeeping, visual arts exhibits, and world class safety and security, it also outreaches to the local and regional tallent pools to create global opportunities for dedicated EDM DJs and promoters.

Each year, over 100,000 Electronic Dance Muisc fanatics the world over make the Detroit journey to realize and revitalize their cultural connection with a unified state of EDM.

Each year the honor grows greater, being aboard the MOVEMENT promotion by Paxahau, I encourage you to make the journey to Detroit.