His debut aboard the BACARDI RED HOT ROAD TRIP in 2001, Jimmi’s repertoire of house and techno sessions across two — or three — turntables has lifted dance-floors throughout the nation.

Billed with EDM legends Electric Skychurch, Wilhelm K., Paul Johnson, Tommy Sunshine, Jason Tyler, DJ Venom, John B., and 7up to name a few, Jimmi gleaned rapid notoriety at legendary underground massives such as Catalyticsouls’ “Underground Sound”, ToymakerMusic’s “Barn Yard Boogie”, Spoololife’s “Pilgrims & Indians (PNI)”, and many more.

Featuring contributions from Jimmi Journey, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Underworld, and DJ Shiva, author Mark J. Butler’s book “Unlocking the Groove” won the Certificate of Merit for Best Research in Recorded Popular Music 2007 by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.

Having performed at, coordinated, and promoted a multitude of EDM events in the first decade of his career, he joined forces with Paxahau‘s Movement Music Festival‘s global EDM event campaign in 2011 to build on the legendary EDM foundation in Detroit.

Paxahau and Canning Communications reach out to the community through MOVEMENT, partly in the larger Detroit Michigan community, but largely the electronic dance music community world wide; it’s a universal outreach that demonstrates the core principals of what electronic dance music represents from a cultural standpoint.

Alex Barenson, C.E.O. of the iconic KIKWEAR brand clothing, invited Jimmi to concieve and promote EDM events for the “KIKWEAR Back In ACTION! Tour” that swept the nation off it’s feet in 2013. The first was RAVESTRONG, an EDM Massive and benefit for the American Cancer Society aligned with Indiana University’s infamous “Little 500″ bicycle race–and week-long college town celebration. The encore, KIKDRUM, colaborated with DanceMania Records featuring DJ #1 (DJ FUNK) at an EDM Massive aligned with Indianapolis’ Circle City IN Pride festival which attracts nearly 100,000 festival goers to Indianapolis.

KIKWEAR Back In ACTION Tour, over 30 events featuring a double offering from Spoololife’s Jimmi Journey; RAVESTRONG and KIKDRUM.

On the airwaves, Jimmi spun numerous live sets on WIUX and WFHB in Bloomington, IN, and would later manage “Spoololife Radio” which has reached over a million listeners since 2010 as part of the program lineup on the worlds largest streaming radio provider, Tunein Radio.